“Τimber is valuable by nature.
Craftsmanship is what has always made it invaluable.
That’s exactly what we do. Turn the best that nature has to offer into the best that man can create.”


SHOWOOD was born as an idea at the end of 2007. An idea that became reality on the January of 2009 at a 16m2 wooden lodge, in Acharnes.

During the Fall of 2010 the company moved its headquarters and showroom to a 900m2 space right on Karamanli street, claiming its official place amongst the timber and furniture stores of the greater area. The same space operates until today as a showroom and retail store.

Following the needs of the market and its customers, the company kept growing, enriching its portfolio with even more products, maintaining the same quality and hi-end design it had since day one.

Just like that, an idea that was born 13 years ago and took form in a 16m2 wooden lodge, has managed to become today one of the largest modern import and export company of timber products for outdoor use, with a leading role in the market and facilities of total size of 15.000,00m2.


Today, SHOWOOD has a nationwide presence and is active in importing, exporting and trading of timber products for outdoor use.

Pressure treated timber, also referred to as impregnated, as raw material for construction (beams, flooring), garden products made of impregnated timber (fences, pots, garden furniture etc.), reeds, playgrounds, wpc materials, wooden houses and beach constructs, make up the majority of its imports. Furthermore, the company is an exclusive distributor for the products of many European manufacturers such as BLUE RABBIT, NESLING, INTERMAS, POLIPIU, HY-LAND, WHITE RHINO, POLKKY etc. (providing import, storage and distribution services).


In SHOWOOD we believe that by providing a combination of high-quality timber products, high-end design and excellent knowhow, we don’t just redefine the outdoor product market, but the very idea of what it means to spend time in the outdoor spaces of your house.

Following that philosophy, we make sure that the materials we choose and the products we create and offer, are certified in terms of quality, safety and durability, and unique in terms of built and design.

Our Facilities

The main volume of our products and import material are collected in closed storage spaces, in the area of Malakasa. The company delivers to transport companies in the greater area of Athens, as well as directly to the customer’s space (within Athens).

Our products can be found in garden centers, timber stores, DIY stores, technical department stores and e-shops, as well as in our physical store on 186 Kon\nou Karamanli Av., in Acharnes. There, customers can see up-close all of our available products and/or pickup their orders.

Our aim is for more people to be able to enjoy quality natural timber in more affordable prices. Our goal is to better service the needs of our customers in order for them to become valuable long-lasting partners.


SHOWOOD offers high standards services in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Find the Quality Policy here.

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