In a space dedicated to bringing you closer to nature, every element should be a step taking you there.

 Give your space timeless look and durability and enjoy the feeling of luxury that timber provides, with a deck made of using pressure treated timber decking boards.

 Up until recently, timber was considered a material too sensitive or too expensive to be used for the flooring of large, exposed surface areas of an outdoor space.

 The pressure treated timber decking boards by SHOWOOD are here to challenge that perception, providing a range of different choices with advantages that are not only aesthetical but practical too.  

 Create safe and durable floor surfaces, large or small, in any area of your outdoor space you want. Easy to install and clean, and resistant against humidity and UV radiation, the pressure treated timber decking boards are the ideal choice for floorings in areas near water or exposed to weather conditions.

 The decking boards are made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber and are available in different dimensions and textures so that you can choose what better fits your space and needs.

 That way your veranda feels like an extension of the outside space, the garden can be easily navigated via timber tiled paths even when the ground is wet, and the pool becomes one with the surrounding environment, featuring a not-slippery-even-when-wet area for you to enjoy when you are not relaxing in it.