WPC | Decking boards

WPC boards - 60% wood and 40% resin – for pool deck floor, patio floor, fence, cladding

Enjoy your outdoor space without limitations, feeling safe in every step you take.

A well-designed outdoor space can become a meeting point for the family or a group of close friends throughout the year. With that in mind, the flooring of your outdoor areas should be able to withstand not just the use but also the conditions to which it will be exposed.   

Greasy substances such as food or oils (especially near or around BBQ areas) may be sources of daily pleasure for you but are “threats” for the floors of your outdoor spaces, along with humidity, temperature fluctuations and dirt. However, that does not apply if for their constructions you have used WPC decking boards.

Easy to install as they are to clean, the WPC decking boards by SHOWOOD are resistant to damage caused by use, time and weather conditions, they are easy to clean with the use of pressurized water or just a light scrub and come with a ten-year warranty.

Choose the color shade and the texture you wish and give your outdoor space the life it deserves.

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