Artificial fence

Roll canes made of PVC, for outdoor and indoor use

 The outlining of boundaries, the creation of shading areas, the provision of privacy and the creation of an even aesthetic result at an outdoor space, are needs that most people have in common. But although the needs are similar, the solutions should not be the same for all.

 Easy to transport as well as install, the PVC roll canes are maybe the most functional choice amongst the offered materials as they provide greater endurance in time as well as an aesthetically uniform finishing result.

 Create a spot of unique look and feel in any part of your outdoor space using PVC roll canes, with a natural looking effect, in different colors for a more refined and modern aesthetic result. 

 The nature of the material guarantees the ease of installation, while the variety of sizes in addition to the available shades provide a finishing result that will seamlessly fit every outdoor space.  

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