Your favorite moments of home, outside of home

 In SHOWOOD we believe that the outdoor space of a house should not be enjoyed only during summer months, but on every chance we get. That’s why we provide wooden outdoor furniture guaranteed to last in time and use.

 Create a space that will fit your every need and desire! Wooden tables and chairs, garden benches, picnic tables, wooden swings and hammocks are just a few of the options available for you to choose and transform every part of your outdoor space.

 The wooden garden furniture by SHOWOOD stands out for their functionality, their aesthetic and the quality of their built. Those three factors ae what makes them special.  

 In the garden, the yard, or the balcony, furniture are important elements that improve the look of the space, the experience using it and the overall value for you and all those you share it with.

 The timeless design and the nature of the raw materials used to make them allow them to seamlessly blend in the surrounding outdoor environment, throughout the year.  The quality of the timber and the processing technique applied, are the factors that provide them with longevity and durability against the damage caused by weather conditions, extensive use and passing time.

 How can all that be guaranteed? By only using pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber and parts of equal quality and endurance. For all-year-round moments making forever-lasting memories. Guaranteed by SHOWOOD!