Log Rolls

Flowerbed dividers made of pressure treated timber

 When it comes to the appearance of an outdoor space, the small details can make a big difference. Creating distinct boarders around the lower-level areas of the space using rollboarders does exactly that.

 Comprised of half logs secured together with wire, this roll will add a traditional finishing touch to your borders, driveways and paths.

 Yet the advantages of using rollboarders are not exclusively aesthetic in nature, but also functional as they help divide and clearly define the spaces used as flowerbeds. That way it allows the soil within to be treated separately from the rest of the outdoor area, creating optimal conditions for the growing plants, offering better support and helping keep away pets and humans alike.

 The rollboarders from SHOWOOD are made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber and are available in a variety of designs, so that you can find the one that better fits the needs of your outdoor space.

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