A cookie is a small file that stores Internet settings. Almost every website uses cookie technology. You are received by your browser when you first visit a web page. When the user visits the website the next time from the same device, the cookie and the information stored in it will either be returned to the website that created it (cookie installed by the provider of the website visited by the user - "first- party cookie") or will be sent to another website to which it belongs (cookie installed by other/third-party providers "third-party cookie"). The cookie allows the website to detect that you have previously visited it from this browser, while in some cases, it will enable the customization of the displayed content.

Some cookies are beneficial as they can improve the user experience when opening a website you have visited several times. Provided that you are using the same device and browser, cookies, remember, for example, your preferences for using the website and adjust the displayed content according to your interests and needs.


Necessary cookies, also called "essential" cookies, ensure functionality, without which you cannot use this website as designed. These cookies are used exclusively by SHOWOOD, and for this reason, they are so-called first-party cookies. They are stored only on the user's device during the browsing session. Necessary cookies ensure, for example, the website's functionality if a product is selected as painted. For example, when you change websites, these cookies ensure the functionality of a transition from HTTP to HTTPS and, therefore, compliance with increased security standards for data transmission. Finally, a cookie of this category stores your choice regarding cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of necessary cookies.

Necessary cookies cannot be turned off using the corresponding option on this website. In general, you can turn off cookies from your browser anytime.


According to the previous definition, cookies that are unnecessary for website use perform essential functions. Without these cookies, the functions that allow easy browsing on our website, e.g., pre-filled forms, will no longer be available. The settings you set will not be saved and must be e, entered from the beginning of each page. In addition, we cannot adapt to your needs with personalized offers.

SHOWOOD incorporates content from third parties into this website. An example is embedding YouTube videos. These third-party providers can theoretically install cookies when you visit the SHOWOOD website, receiving, e.g., the information that you opened a SHOWOOD website. Please visit the websites of the third-party providers to get more information about their use of cookies. If, as a general principle, you have chosen not to consent to the use of cookies that require your consent, withdraw the consent you have given, or turn off cookies, based on our legitimate interest, to proceed to the initial view of the page, see you "Cookie options") you will only have access to the website's functions, for which we can guarantee the use without these cookies. In this case, the areas of our website that offer the technical possibility of integrating content from third-party providers and, thus, installing cookies from third-party providers will not be available. You will be informed about this by a corresponding message. If you want to use the website's content in this case, this will only be possible if you agree to use cookies that require consent. Activate the consent option available at the corresponding point on our website.


Depending on their function and intended purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories: Necessary cookies, performance cookies, functionality cookies, and cookies for promotional purposes.


Necessary cookies are necessary for browsing a website and using its functions. Without these cookies, functionality cannot be guaranteed, e.g., to preserve actions performed during a visit (text input or car configuration) when the user moves between different pages within the website.


Functionality cookies allow a website to store already provided details (e.g., accessory selection in a car configuration) and offer the user improved, personalized features. Functionality cookies are used, e.g., to enable functions such as video playback. These cookies collect anonymous information; they cannot track your movements on other websites.


Performance cookies collect information about website use – for example, which pages the visitor opens most often or if error messages occur from a page. These cookies do not store information that allows the identification of the user. The information will be collected and analyzed without assigning it to any specific person. These cookies are used exclusively to improve the website's performance and, therefore, the user experience.


Cookies for promotional purposes are used to display advertisements relevant to specific users and tailored to their interests. They are also used to limit the frequency with which an ad is shown and to measure the effectiveness of promotions. They record whether you have visited a website or not. This information may be transmitted to third parties, e.g., advertisers. Cookies aimed at improving communication with targeted groups and advertising are often linked to functions of third-party pages.


As with most websites you visit, www.showood.gr uses cookies to improve the user experience, both for unique and repeated visits to the website. This allows you, for example, to move quickly and easily between pages, save your car configuration, and use Google Maps services.


The initial pop-up window offers you the option to accept or reject the use of cookies that require consent. You can also reject or delete cookies by changing the settings in your browser. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to reject or accept all cookies or only certain types. You will find the procedure for controlling and deleting cookies in the browser's help function. If you wish to restrict the use of cookies, you will not be able to use all the interaction functions of our website.


In particular, we collect information about you during your eShop registration or ordering products or services by emailing you to receive informative material and offers (newsletter). When you send a message to the eShop administrator from your account (registered user/customer) through the order history and the contact form, information and statistics about the use and traffic of the eShop are collected using cookies.

The following data is collected and used for the operation of our services to provide you with the best possible service:

     • Name Surname

     • Address

     • City

     • Country

     • Tax ID

     • email

     • Landline or mobile phone

     • Navigation data (analytics): IP, geographical location, navigation software (web browser), operating system, referral source, duration of visit, web pages


In the framework of the SHOWOOD IKE website with the electronic address www.showood.gr, the so-called social networking plugins through www.facebook.com are used. This is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). These additions are marked with a Facebook logo.

If you activate the inactive Facebook plugin on the SHOWOOD IKE website with the email address www.showood.gr, your browser directly connects to the Facebook servers. The plugin's content is transferred from Facebook directly to your browser and then integrated into the website. http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.

The integration of plugins means that Facebook receives the information you have opened on the corresponding page of the SHOWOOD website. If logged in to Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to your account. When you interact with the plugins, for example, by clicking "Like," the corresponding information is sent directly from your browser to Facebook and stored there. The purpose of data collection and further processing and use of data by Facebook, your rights, and setting options for protecting your privacy can be found in the data protection information provided by Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.

Suppose you do not want Facebook to use our website to collect data about you. In that case, you must not activate the inactive Facebook social network plugin when visiting the SHOWOOD IKE website with the electronic address www.showood.gr.


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