Wooden swings & hammocks

Swings and hammocks, with unique design, for both outdoor and indoor spaces


The word “swings” is a word that stirs emotions of joy and carefreeness to both young and old. For some a game and the symbol of total relaxation for others, swings and hammocks are ideal items for every outdoor space and every age.


Wooden garden swings and hammocks by SHOWOOD are made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber, extremely durable against wear caused by time passing, extensive use and exposure to outdoor conditions. The fabrics and cushions that are included in the package are selected to correspond to the same level of quality, functionality and endurance.  

Single, double, hanging or stand-alone, the wooden swings are available in a wide range of color shades and sizes so that you can find what best fits the needs of your space and complements your aesthetic.  

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