WPC | Decking tiles

WPC tiles - 60% timber and 40% resin – for use in your outdoor space (patio, porch, rooftop terrace)

Small details can make a big difference. Same goes for WPC decking tiles when used in outdoor spaces.

 Comprised of 60% timber and 40% resin, WPC decking tiles are parts of synthetic floor that is commonly used for decking constructions covering small to medium sized areas.  

 Easy to install and combine, they are not usually used to create a permanent construction, although they can easily replace decking boards in larger constructions, offering alternative material layouts (patterns) and different aesthetic results.

 WPC decking tiles are durable and rigid, slip resistant and can withstand friction, heat, humidity and UV radiation. They contain no toxic or harmful substances, preservatives, formaldehydes or benzene and the final product is 100% recyclable.

 With appearance like that of natural timber and texture smooth or lined, WPC decking tiles don’t require any maintenance or painting, while their processing during construction is the same as in wood.

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