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Kindergarten, playground or even backyard equipment. Wooden towers, swing sets, slides, and other playground equipment.

Τhe outdoor spaces can be places of relaxation and calm for the grown-ups, but for the children, they are places of action, energy bursts, and endless games. Now you can create a safe space for them with a playground by SHOWOOD.

Whether it is the outdoor space of your house or that of your business, at SHOWOOD you will find swings, slides, climbing towers, playhouses, and even more wooden structures to create a space exactly as you have imagined and as they deserve.

The versatile design of our constructions combined with the available addition modules allow you to add new parts to your construction as the number of children grows, or the traffic of your business gets bigger. The constructions are delivered ready to be assembled and are easy to install.

The timber used, although processed, is safe even if it comes in direct contact with the mouth. Furthermore, all our series come with quality and safety certifications as specified by Greek and European law.

Finally, all of our constructions are made of pressure-treated Scandinavian pine timber, of excellent quality and great resistance against the damage caused by outdoor conditions, extensive use, and time passing.

That way you can be certain that the grounds of your outdoor space will always be filled with children laughing and playing. A literal playground. 

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