When you love water, the space near or around it can feel like a second home. The outdoor furniture by SHOWOOD have a place in both.

The conditions on beaches and around pools can turn out to be greatly adverse for most types of timber. The UV radiation combined with chorine, salt and humidity can cause serious damage on wood resulting to its quicker than natural decay.

Furthermore, the constant maintenance that most wooden constructions had to have up until recently, made their choice unprofitable not only money-wise but also timewise.

Another deterring factor up until today was their design. Combining the above-mentioned cost factor with the rapid change of design trends, made the purchase of a quality wooden construction seem like an investment that wouldn’t pay off in environments close to bodies of water (pools and beaches).

Wooden beach equipment by SHOWOOD is here to change everything you knew to be true about outdoor furniture, through the quality of the materials used for its construction, the level of sophistication put in the process and their timeless design.

That way, no matter if it is loungers, outdoor showers, changing cabins, umbrellas, palm leaf covers or a wooden beach path that you need, it is certain that you will find it at SHOWOOD.

The material of construction, the pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber, as well as the sum of all the constructing parts, are designed to adhere to the highest standards of quality and durability against the damage that is caused by time passing, extensive use and constant exposure to the weather conditions.

The great range of products we offer and their timeless design, make them ideal choices for a home or a professional space near or around a body of water (pool, beach).

The beach equipment by SHOWOOD is designed so that you or your customers can enjoy the place you love more, for even longer.