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Honeycombed polycarbonate sheets with a 10-year guarantee

Honeycombed, solid and heat-reflecting, in a variety of colors and dimensions. Polycarbonate sheets are polymers that are ideal for roof, cladding, greenhouse, noise and wind barriers constructions.

Honeycombed polycarbonate sheets, carry a single UV shield, which prevents polymerization that is caused by exposure to the sunlight UV spectrum. That makes them an ideal choice for restaurant roofing coverage as they allow natural light to come through while protecting from thermal radiation.  

Their lightweight built doesn’t require a heavy-duty type of support, while the special ridges along their edges ensure their faster and safer installation on the support frame.

In SHOWOOD, through our exclusive collaboration with polyPiU, we provide the best made certified polycarbonate sheets with a 10-year guarantee. The guarantee includes discoloration, light transparency reduction as well as the reduction of the sheet’s endurance against mechanical strain.

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