When you love something, you want to protect and preserve it. That way you will have more time together to live moments you will never forget.  

The moments we spent at the outdoor space of our home, are a chance for us to relax, leaving behind the stress of everyday life. For that reason, we make sure we offer you products of certified quality and life duration. That way we ensure that your stay outside will only be a source of relaxation and happy moments that you would want to remember forever.

That’s the purpose of pressure treatment. Pressure treated timber, is timber that has been treated with a preservative, offering long-lasting protection against fungi and insects. In SHOWOOD we choose to import pressure treated timber, from the biggest timber suppliers of north Finland, known for the high quality of their products and procedures.

 That way we can be certain that every piece of timber meets the highest quality requirements and comes with the corresponding certification which proves that.

 Ideal for exposure to outdoor conditions, even direct contact with water, and appropriate for installation inside or over the ground, pressure treated timber is used in constructions of outdoor spaces, decks, garden constructions, pergolas etc.  

For long-term protection of natural timber products and long-lasting use!