Where the walls of your house end another world begins, designed to offer you moments you will always remember.

 The outdoor space of your house may have many needs. The creation of boundaries between communicating spaces, the feeling of privacy within the space you operate, the support of your plants, the creation of shading areas or even the decoration of your outdoor spaces, are just a few of the needs fulfilled by SHOWOOD’s fencing supplies.

 Designed to provide total privacy and to clearly outline and define spaces, fencing supplies can add to the uniqueness of your space’s character with options that emphasize not only on the quality but also the functionality and the forward design.

 The great variety in trellis panels, wooden profile panels, wooden fences and rollboarders by SHOWOOD helps you outline and define your outdoor space, as well as configure and decorate it in a manner fitting to both your aesthetic and needs.  

 All products are made from natural pressure treated pine Scandinavian timber and are resistant to damage caused by weather conditions, extensive use and passing time. Dimensions and color shades can be customized to your needs and the aesthetic of the space, either from you or directly from us, so that the products are ready to be installed as soon as you receive them.

 That way you can be sure that whatever the needs of your outdoor space, the final result will make you feel like home, even when you are outside. That’s the power of the quality and design of the fencing supplies by SHOWOOD.