The ease of installation, the multitude of uses and the attention to aesthetic detail are really important criteria for choosing products for your outdoor space. Cane rolls fulfills them all.

 The outlining of boundaries, the creation of shading areas, the provision of privacy and the creation of an even aesthetic result at an outdoor space, are needs that most people have in common. But although the needs are similar, the solutions should not be the same for all.

 The size of the space, its layout, the ways in which it is being utilized as well as the estimated overall cost of the changes, are all factors that greatly influence the choices made as well as the decision to purchase. That’s why we make sure to keep offering you more.   

 SHOWOOD offers a wide range of options in the category of cane rolls | bamboo, to cover all your needs without the need to compromise.

 All of the products fulfill the highest manufacturing and quality criteria, while all the products made from natural material also carry a phytosanitary certification. That certifies that all natural made products are free of parasites and ensures that they fulfill the current phytosanitary requirements of the originating country.

 Made of reed, bamboo, wood, willow and PVC, the cane rolls offered by SHOWOOD can be used to define boundaries, provide shade, enhance privacy and much more, while the built quality ensures their durability and longevity. The nature of the material guarantees the ease of installation, while the variety of sizes in addition to the customizability provide a finishing result that will seamlessly fit every outdoor space.