Way Of Payment

Full payment by bank account

For the payment of your purchases you can deposit the amount in one of the following bank accounts of our company:

Alpha Bank: 117 00 2002 015 427 IBAN: GR6201401170117002002015427
National Bank of Greece: 890/440588-92 IBAN: GR2001108900000089044058892
Eurobank: 0026.0402.01.0200317740 IBAN: GR9202604020000010200317740
Piraeus bank 5149-071363-424 IBAN: GR8001721490005149071363424

Beneficiary Account: SHOWOOD I.K.E.

 When that testimony, please contact via telephone or e-mail our company to immediately start the process of your order.

Full payment by credit card

For the payment of your purchases you can pay by credit card . This is done very easily and safely through the online store SHOWOOD.

When you finish your purchases and you field choice of payment method , simply select payment by credit card . Then you go to the site where Eurobank will make your transactions in a secure banking environment . The Eurobank automatically update our company for a specific amount of credit in your name , and so begins the process of your order .


From 0 € - 300 € - 3 free installments

From €300 - € 1000 - 6 free installments

From €1000 and over - 12 free installments

Full payment on Delivery

The possibility of redemption orders with delivery only given for the regions of Attica that the delivery of goods is done with our cars . For orders to 400,00 € no deposit is required and the customer pays the full amount in delivery . In case of non-receipt shall bear the cost of transport ( see Shipping & cost) . For orders over 400,00 € the customer must pay in advance 30% of the order value (average bank account or credit card ) and the balance is paid on the delivery of products.