Playground slides for residential use

Playground slides - waterslides

The imagination of children knows no boundaries. Now the same is true for their playtime with the playground equipment by SHOWOOD.

 The most popular toy of the playground! Make playtime even more exciting with slides-waterslides modules added on wooden towers, wooden platforms and treehouses or stand-alone.  

Slides have outstanding gliding characteristics and are easily turned into waterslides, thanks to a special production process, just by attaching a water hose on the socket that can be found at the top backside.

 Playground slides by SHOWOOD, are certified by TÜV NORD, and are safe even if one of the parts comes in direct contact with the child’s mouth.

 Furthermore, the versatile design of our constructions combined with the available addition modules allow you to add new parts to your construction as the number of family members grows. For an outdoor space that will always be filled with children laughing and playing. A literal playground. 

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