Custom made flowerboxes

Planters made of pressure treated timber on demand

 A layer of natural protection for your favorite plants and flowers but also a decorative feature designed to complement your outdoor space.

 Whether you want to complement an existing style or add a new dimension, the wooden planters offer an instant impact.

 They are the perfect way to round off the design for an outdoor living space bringing a colorful touch to a seating area or courtyard garden, creating a dramatic and stylish feature to a house or garden entrance, just the way you imagined it.

 All the planters are being made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber for guaranteed durability against wear that is caused by use, time and exposure to weather conditions, while they are also equipped with patted membrane that allows direct planting!

 Give your outdoor space a timeless look that doesn’t wear from humidity or UV radiation, but rather maintains all the characteristics of its natural appearance even after many years of use.

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