If what your business offers is not just a product but a complete experience, then it’d better be an experience to remember!

Modern design, unique know-how and timeless quality. Elements that, once combined, they have the power to make every moment an unforgettable one!


The interior of a hotel can be unique, yet what ends up becoming the center of attention, during a stay, are its outdoor spaces, as they not only add to the whole experience but also largely determine the quality of the offered services overall.

Photos from the pool, the garden, the outdoor bar and/or the roof garden, end up on social media, becoming the official image of hotels as happy guests turn into their biggest supporters.


Increase the value of your provided services by extending the hospitality season and create even more reasons for your guests to want to spend time at your facilities, offering high aesthetic outdoor spaces, protected from the outside world and resistant to the wearing down caused by weather conditions and time.


Spending time in nature makes some feel relaxed, some inspired and some just blown away. Whatever that feeling may be for you, SHOWOOD brings it right into your backyard.

Our love for nature and timber, along with the knowhow of our employees on the design and functionality of outdoor spaces, can help you create a space that will upgrade your residency and make it stand out.

From locating the right outdoor products to assembling and maintaining them, our experienced personnel are by your side every step of the way with personalized support services and tips for anything you might need.



Just as love of food and good company, the love of timber comes to most…naturally. Yet the ability to offer that for others to enjoy, comes naturally to just a few. Those are the ones that stand out!

Combine your passion for what you love to offer with what we created with love and now offer to you, a wide range of wooden outdoor items and materials to shape the exterior of your store. Select outdoor products the same way you would choose furniture for your living room, without compromises on the quality or design, and without having to worry about their wear.

Our products are made and cared for in such a way that they can withstand, without additional care, even the most adverse conditions of use and exposure to the elements.

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