When it comes to experiencing nature up close, the next best alternative to a walk on the mountain is a walk through a beautiful and well-taken-care-of garden.  

When it comes to the construction material that will make you feel like you are in nature, the next best choice after timber is WPC.

WPC, or else wood plastic composite, has become one of the most talked about materials in the construction field for outdoor spaces.

Comprised of 65% timber and 30% polyethylene, WPC is used for constructions in spaces where factors such as humidity and temperature are unpredictable and can present significant fluctuations reaching high levels and compromising the integrity and quality of the material used. Areas in the circumference of pools, verandas, garden decks, fences, outdoor facility floors with shower units, or even cladding acquire a guaranteed lifespan without losing the unique feeling and look timber offers.

  • Its advantages include:
  • The greater lifespan.
  • The zero-deformation rate.
  • The safe-to-touch and unspoiled surface (it doesn’t produce splinters).
  • Its cost is reduced compared to natural timber.

Another reason why people choose WPC instead of timber is the lack of need for maintenance from the time it is installed and for as long as it exists, as well as the preservation of its color vividness as it was on the first day it took its place in your space and your heart.  

The variety in colors and patterns (smooth or textured surface) contributes to its popularity. At the same time, its eco-friendly nature and 100% recyclable composition make it an ideal choice for your constructions and the environment.