Sun loungers

Beach loungers made of pressure treated timber for professional or home use

 A combination of simplicity, luxury and complete relaxation. The experience or relaxing next to a pool or on the beach, is not easy to compare or replace. The feeling of sun kissing your skin combined with the sound of the sea or the coolness of the pool, is a state that most would like to immerse ourselves in for hours.  

 Yet there is a factor that can make this experience even more unique. The sun lounger. No matter where you are, a pool or the beach, the sun lounger is the one element that can largely determine the quality of your experience there.  

 Sun loungers by SHOWOOD will make every such moment, a moment to remember. Their built, made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber, makes them resistant to the harshest of conditions, while their clever design makes them inextricable part of the experience and the landscape.

 Easy to transfer and equipped with functions that make them more functional than ever, sun loungers by SHOWOOD will become your favorite summer recollection.

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