Garden house on demand

In SHOWOOD we know that your outdoor space can feel like a second home. Our wooden houses are the proof!

With a traditional design or with “clear” lines and big floor-to-ceiling windows, the garden houses by SHOWOOD can serve your every need and fit every aesthetic.

All wooden houses by SHOWOOD are made using only selected pressure-treated Scandinavian pine timber the flexing properties make it ideal for use in construction. 

Scandinavian timber grows slowly in colder areas of northern Europe and is known for its reliability in construction, its longevity, its structural endurance, and its looks. All those natural advantages are enhanced by the pressure-treating process that makes the timber even more resilient against factors that cause wear.

The wooden houses’ manufacturing process is standardized according to ISO-9001. Every wooden house is delivered as a complete assembly kit in one or more packages – depending on the size. Included you will find the floors, the roof, the doors, the windows, and all metal parts safely packed with detailed instructions on how to put them together.

Whether you are looking for a place to spend your sunlight afternoons, a place that will make your visitors want to spend more time with you, or just a place where all your garden tools can be stored and protected from the weather conditions, now it’s easier than ever to find it and make it yours.  

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