They say that makeshift solutions are the ones that last the longest. In the case of shade sails, we cannot but agree!

 When the conditions don’t allow the creation of a big construction that will provide shade in parts of your outside spaces, then it’s often that shade sails become a transitional or compromising solution, as many think, which stands out for its advantages. It’s those advantages that end up making them irreplaceable. 

 Easy to install and in a variety of sizes and designs, Nesling shade sails are here to literarily cover your every need, offering protection against UV radiation and rain.

 Triangle, square, or rectangle-shaped, shade sails “enhance” the architecture of your outdoor space creating a unique aesthetic result of shadows and textures that create depth, changing the way the space looks as well as the way you see it.

 At the same time, the special coating of Nesling shade sails from SHOWOOD ensures a pleasant but also safe environment for you and your company, even during the warmest hours of the day, offering more than 90% protection against UV radiation as well as great durability against bacteria.

 For those who wish to adopt more flexible solutions, umbrellas, and harmonica shade systems from SHOWOOD are here to provide the same level of comfort, safety, and unsurpassed material quality with an even more versatile design.

 That way patios, yards, pools, playgrounds, camping sites, and countless more outside spaces get their own relaxation area, so that you can enjoy even more the moments your outdoor space can provide!