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Welcome to the website http://www.showood.gr. By visiting our website you agree to the terms of use below and warrant that you will make use of our website and its web pages, as those terms designate. If you do not wish to be bound by the following terms of use, you can not access our website and use our services.

Our company reserves the right to modify and update these terms of use whenever it deems necessary, and possible changes to take effect from the public appearance of these site http://www.showood.gr.

terms and conditions

- The commercial company called SHOWOOD I.K.E. ( Tel 210 2478811, VAT number 998237927), which is established and headquartered in Greece, Attica , in Aharnes Ave. K.. Karamanlis, number 186, and is legally represented, maintains an ecommerce site http://www.showood.gr intended for the sale and trade of products treated timber and garden items.

- Any sale of products through the above website is governed by this text and online forms completed by the Client, which are between the Company and the Customer 'Convention'. No other agreement, oral or written, it is recognized that there is to establish a relationship of the parties with respect to the purpose of the Convention.

- For the award of the Contract the Customer communicates electronically respectively consents to electronic communications received by the Company in connection with it. Each electronic statement which will be sent within the Convention have full probative value and can not be subject to challenge by the Customer for the reason that took place electronically.

- At the conclusion of the Agreement, the Customer is obliged to do so as required by law, good faith and morality. Moreover, it is the duty of truth for many personal or non-information and provides the obligation and responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and personal account.

- When dealing with the company stating that the Customer is aged eighteen (18) years or more or, if aged less than eighteen (18) years but more than thirteen (13), that is under the supervision of a parent or other parental authority, who accepts these terms. Parents and child care practitioners, which makes use of the company website, bear full responsibility resulting from such use, including any financial obligations.

- The presentation for sale of products and services on the website has the character call to the Customer for proposal deposit orders. For this reason, such a presentation is not in any way binding on the Corporation availability and adequacy of displayed products and services or for the immediate execution of orders only to the extent prescribed in good faith and practices.

- Before the conclusion of the Agreement, the Customer is some preliminary steps. Specifically, document or attached as a user of the site, adding products - services wishing to basket, complete billing and shipping information in the electronic form and then confirm the selected order. The filing of this integrated order, as follows, serving as a proposal for the establishment of the Convention. At this preliminary stage of the first Enterprise disclaims any contractual or other liability or obligation and also the Customer has any rights.

- Upon receiving the request, the Company shall be processed and, within a reasonable time, the acceptance of this by sending the corresponding e-mail to the Customer. This electronic letter lieu of acceptance of the Customer and shall be deemed to have been received by him during the time he accesses it. Upon receipt of customer acceptance of the established between the parties to sell in accordance with these general conditions of sale.

- Within 24 hours of the time that has the ability to access the electronic order confirmation, the Customer may notify the Company of the existence of an error of error in the content of the quotes.

- The essential characteristics of the products for sale are described accurately, both verbally and visually, within the site. The Company shall be liable to the Client only for the actual and exact specification and bears responsibility whatsoever for the completeness thereof. Customer is solely responsible for the selection of products and their suitability as to the purposes for which the choice.

- The prices shown in the website are the exact price of the sale in the event of products and services, and do not include transport costs, which are dealt with separately in the process of filing orders.

- The Customer selects between three modes of payment. It may make a payment online by credit or debit card details. Our shop works with EFG Eurobank for charging credit cards. The charge card is using the redirection of our web site at EFG Eurobank, where a secure connection will enter the details of your credit card. In this way you are guaranteed secure transmission of your data from the same bank, but we do not learn even the number of your card. It may alternatively be deposited the same amount in the following bank accounts:

Alpha Bank: 117 00 2002 015 427, IBAN: GR62 0140 1170 1170 0200 2015 427

National Bank: 890 / 440588-92, IBAN: GR20 0110 8900 0000 8904 4058 892

Eurobank: 0026.0402.01.0200317740, IBAN: GR9202604020000010200317740

Piraeus: 5149-071363-424, IBAN: GR80 0172 1490 0051 4907 1363 424

Beneficiary: SHOWOOD I.K.E.

Once you make the deposit, he must notify the Company (the fax or a telephone call) in order for the latter to proceed with the preparation and shipment of order. Finally, may make payment on delivery only for some specific orders, as stated its intention to do so and then updated by the Company for the feasibility of delivery in relation to this order.

- By accepting the proposal of the Customer Contract is completed and the Company has an obligation to deliver the ordered goods within ten (10) days. After delivery to the customer the risk of damage or loss of ordered products bear the latter. Delivery time, as may be stated, is approximated with no guarantee for this expensive. The collection of due consideration is performed after delivery of the product or the provision of the service. The payment of the consideration carried off, unless specific provision in the event of such payment by installments. The ownership of the goods sold is transferred after full payment of the outstanding fee.

- The Customer has the right to withdraw without penalty and unnecessarily from the contract within 14 working days of receipt of the products purchased, after notice to the Corporation that the withdrawal. In case of withdrawal is required within the deadline to return the goods in the same condition in which they were received, and shall bear the cost of returning them. The address to which they must be sent back to the products is the company's headquarters. The refund of the purchase price to the Customer shall be completed within 30 days of a valid withdrawal to.

- To the extent that it becomes permissible by applicable law, the respective company denies any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may result from ordering, shipment or use of products sold. The Company is not responsible for delays in performance of the Contract attributable to circumstances for which they bear no responsibility or due to force majeure. If this lasts more than two (2) months, either party may terminate the contract without penalty. In addition, the Company makes no guarantees for the commercial products sold and is not required in any other kind of further service after the sale thereof.

- To resolve any dispute arises with you and your business is our competent courts of Athens and the applicable law is the Greek, without taking into account the rules clash.

- If any part or provision of this decision annulled by the competent court as not legitimate, valid and enforceable, this will not affect the remaining provisions, which shall remain in force and applicable.


Both trade name, trademark and other distinctive features and site content http://www.showood.gr software and how to structure this, objects are exclusive intellectual property of the Company and are protected under the Greek, EU and international copyright law.

Otherwise, no part of this website may not be recorded, reproduced, distributed, rented, broadcast, performed in public in public or otherwise made available to the public without the express written permission of the Company.

Price changes

In our online store the prices of the products are automatically updated daily. There may be changes in product prices without prior notice to the public. Price changes do not affect orders that have already been placed.

License and Obligations of Users

Our Business grants you a limited license to access and use the site, whereby you can use the Contents solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. The use of the site by you will be moving within the framework laid down by law, good faith and morality, without violating our intellectual property rights or our rights under the law to protect databases.

You may not alter or any other interference with the content or software of the site and any attempt to undermine the integrity of the technology and functionality. Further, you may not haul, copy and re-use part or all of the contents of this site.

When you visit the Site or send us email, you are communicating with us electronically and you consent to respectively receive electronic communications from us. You also have a duty to truth or not those personal information you share with us and the obligation and responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account.

Limitation of Liability

The Website http://www.showood.gr provided to users as is without further guarantees for its functionality, while the use is entirely at your own risk. Although we make every effort we can not guarantee to maintain the accuracy and validity of the information and content of our Web site.

To the extent that it becomes permissible by applicable law, each business we disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may result from the incorrect use of the site and from any errors, holidays, defects or delays in operation or transmission of this information through the internet. Additionally, we are not responsible of any damage which may occur from use of the site and is the result of actions of third parties.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

When you register to http://www.showood.gr, you will be asked some personal information such as: name, surname, country, county, city, phone, e-mail address (e-mail), etc.

Our company strictly follows the Greek legislation on Privacy Compliance File. The data reported in these cases is not disclosed to third parties in any way not disclosed, or are in any way exploited. These data are used only to the extent strictly necessary to fulfill the conditions and obligations of the individual services that our company provides to its users, and information support of users, informing them about the new services and products.

Exceptionally showood.gr may disclose the personal information of users in the following cases:

- The disclosure is made to third natural or legal persons with whom the showood.gr and only to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of the service of our company.

- If required by law, by the court or requested by any other government or regulatory authority.


For any further information or request you can contact to our company as follows:


186 Karamanli Av.

PC 136 78 Axarnai, Attica


Tel : 210 2478811

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