Our company, "SHOWOOD I.K.E.," is located at 186 Kon/nou Karamanli Avenue, Acharnai, Attiki, with V.A.T. number 998237927, No. G.EM.H. 008622401000, contact phone number 210 24 78 811, e-mail address kataggelies@showood.gr, observes all measures and obligations regarding the implementation of the provisions of part II of Law 4808/2021 for the prevention and treatment of any form of violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment and sexual harassment.

The purpose of the policy is to prevent and combat any form of discrimination based on personal characteristics and choices, as well as any violence and harassment that occurs during work, whether connected to it or resulting from it. It is the creation and consolidation of a work environment that respects, promotes, and ensures human dignity and the right of every person to a world of work free from violence and harassment. Our company declares that it recognizes and respects the right of every employee to a work environment free of violence and harassment and does not tolerate any form of violence and harassment that occurs in the course of work or is connected to it or arises from it, including violence and harassment due to gender and sexual harassment.



This policy is adopted by articles 9 and 10 of Law 4808/2021 and the delegated legislation.

Management and members of the company SHOWOOD IKE ("from now on Company"), employees with a contract of dependent work, providing services with contracts of salary, assignment, project, independent services, and temporary employment, employed through third-party service providers, practical trainees, and apprentices, employees whose relationship employment with his company has expired, prospective employees, other people who do business or collaborate with the company.



The company assesses the risks of violence and harassment at work, taking into account any inherent dangers arising from the nature of the activity, the job position, factors such as gender and age or other characteristics that constitute grounds for discrimination, as well as risks concerning special groups of workers (e.g., new hires, night workers).

The company takes measures to prevent, control, limit, and deal with these risks and monitor such incidents or forms of behavior, demonstrating zero tolerance for violence and harassment, operating with confidentiality, and respecting human dignity. Indicatively, the company encourages the maintenance of a working climate where respect for human dignity, cooperation, and mutual assistance are fundamental values. It carries out actions to raise employees' awareness of healthy behavior patterns and issues concerning vulnerable categories of employees. The company also provides a report/complaint management process and regularly evaluates the effectiveness of its actions.

The company carries out actions to inform and raise staff awareness regarding the possible risks of violence and harassment in the workplace and the relevant prevention and protection measures for such incidents. As part of staff awareness, targeted meetings are organized to discuss pertinent issues and address potential risks promptly. The participation of management executives and employee representatives in training seminars on recognizing and managing risks of violence and harassment at work is also encouraged.

The company provides information on the rights and obligations of the employees and the employer, as well as the persons exercising managerial authority or representing the employer, to the extent and the extent of their responsibility, in the event of occurrence or reporting or reporting of such incidents, as well as for the relevant procedure for receiving and examining complaints. In particular, any person affected by an incident of violence or harassment during access to employment, during the employment relationship, or even if the contract or employment relationship in the context of which the incident or behavior allegedly occurred has ended has the following possibilities: 4.1) recourse to judicial protection, 4.2) submission of a complaint to the Labor Inspectorate within the framework of its statutory powers, 4.3) filing of a report with the Ombudsman within the framework of his statutory powers as well as 4.4) complaint within the company, by the policy complaints management. The contact details for the competent authorities are as follows: Ombudsman Line: 213 13 06 600 (e-mail: press@sinigoros.gr), Labor Inspection Line via citizen service line 1555 (e-mail: helpdesk@sepenet.gr ), S.O.S. line 15900 for immediate psychological support and counseling for female victims of gender-based violence.

The company has appointed Ms. Giovanna Tsiori, whom employees can contact for relevant matters (telephone 210 24 78 811 and e-mail address kataggelies@showood.gr). The role of the reference person is informative. It consists of guiding and informing employees, regardless of whether they are addressed on the occasion of an incident or complaint about an incident of violence and harassment. The reporting person must protect the personal data that may come to his knowledge while exercising his role.

The company ensures the protection of employment and the support of working victims of domestic violence, whenever possible, by any appropriate means or reasonable accommodation, such as indicatively with flexible working arrangements at the request of a working victim of domestic violence.


The company guarantees safe and easily accessible communication channels for receiving and examining complaints and informing complainants and facilitates the relevant procedures. In particular, the competent person who will receive, analyze, and manage the complaints or complaints of the affected persons for violent or harassing behavior is Ms. Giovanna Tsiori. The relevant communication will be made at the e-mail address kataggelies@showood.gr. In any case, the affected person will be informed, at any stage of the procedure followed within the company, of the possibility of also submitting a complaint to the competent administrative authorities within their competence (Labor Inspectorate and Ombudsman) and to the judicial authorities of his choice.

The receipt, investigation, and management of complaints are carried out promptly and impartially in a manner that respects human dignity and ensures the protection of the confidentiality and personal data of victims and complainants collected in the exercise of the above tasks.

The company complies with the obligation to prohibit retaliation by article 13 of Law 4808/2021 and the provisions of labor legislation.

If a violation is found, the company takes the necessary and appropriate measures at the expense of the complainant to prevent a similar incident or behavior from repeating itself. These measures include, for example, the recommendation of compliance, a change of position, a change of hours, a change of place or method of providing work, or the termination of the employment or partnership relationship, subject to the prohibition of the abuse of rights in Article 281 of the Civil Code.

The company and every person responsible for receiving and managing complaints undertake to provide their cooperation and assistance and any relevant information to the competent public, administrative, and judicial authorities if requested by them, which they keep in an appropriate file in compliance with the provisions of N 4624/2019.


January 2022