Our mission is the IMPORT & TRADE OF WOOD PRODUCTS & GARDEN PRODUCTS, with quality and safety, satisfying the requirements of our customers.

Our vision is to make SHOWOOD, the benchmark for the quality of timber and garden products it provides, from all interested parties.

 The objectives that support the quality policy of the Company are:

· The immediate response to the needs of its customers

· Compliance with Greek and European legislation

· The maximum and optimal utilization of all the staff means know-how of the company

· The fulfillment of the company's goals within the prescribed time limits for their implementation.

· Respect for the environment and the health and safety of workers


The Management and the staff of the Company are committed to:

· The continuous training of the staff in the handling and management of the materials traded

· Cooperation with reliable customers

· The continuous modernization of the company's equipment

· The continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System

· The continuous improvement of customer satisfaction

· The satisfaction of the applicable requirements of the Quality Management System

The Management of the company is also committed to providing all the necessary resources and means for the implementation and observance of the Quality Policy. It is also committed to ensuring that the integrity of the quality system is maintained when changes are planned and made.

The General Manager is responsible for the practical application of the principles of Quality Policy by all staff of the Company. The Quality Manager is responsible for monitoring the implementation and operation of the Quality System as well as all issues related to Quality. All the staff of the company has the responsibility to be informed about the quality documentation and to apply the Quality Policy and the Procedures of the Quality System in its work. The Quality Policy is drawn up by the Company's Management and is periodically reviewed by the Quality Council.