Five tips, you’ll be able to revamp your outdoor space and get ready to enjoy the beauty of spring to its fullest.

spring garden

As the winter winds down and the first signs of spring emerge, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your garden flourish again. With these five tips, you’ll be able to revamp your outdoor space and get ready to enjoy the beauty of spring to its fullest. Whether you prefer our ready-made range from our online shop or want a unique look with tailored options from our bespoke joinery service, we can help you achieve your ideal garden.

  1. Define your space with a traditional trellis

Now is the perfect time to redefine your garden’s borders and give it a fresh new look. Trellis around the perimeter of your space offers an excellent solution to frame your outdoor space with sophistication. Our trellis panels come in a diagonal or square lattice style, with either a straight or arched top, and we have different-sized gaps between the slats and seven height options. We also offer a cutting and painting service to help you create the aesthetic you’re after. Or, if you’re looking for a fully tailored solution, we can design, craft, build & install a high-quality bespoke joinery scheme for you. Get a free quote here for bespoke work.

  1. Showcase your plants with elegant planters

Transform your garden by incorporating beautiful planters that showcase your favorite plants. Whether you prefer vibrant flowers or fresh herbs, our traditional and contemporary planters collection will elevate your garden’s aesthetic. Arrange them strategically to create focal points and define different areas within your outdoor space.

  1. Add elegance to your garden with obelisks

Introduce a touch of elegance to your garden by incorporating wooden obelisks that support climbing plants in spring. As the plants grow, they intertwine with the obelisk, creating a stunning floral display.

  1. Create a cozy retreat with pergolas

Enhance your garden by incorporating a pergola, creating a designated area for relaxation and entertainment. Adding a pergola creates a comfortable and inviting space to embrace the joys of spring.

  1. Keep your outdoor space organized with outdoor sheds & stores

Invest in sheds and stores to keep your outdoor space organized and clutter-free. Tidying up tools, pots, and other outdoor items creates a more visually appealing garden to relax.

Preparing your garden for spring involves a combination of practical tasks and aesthetic enhancements.