Glue laminated treated pine

Glued laminated treated timber for modern construction

When the aesthetic result and the endurance are both priorities, then glued laminated treated timber (glulam) is the ideal choice for your construction.  

Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned lumber, bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. It is a versatile timber used for a wide range of structural and decorative application.

Find the variety you are after with glued laminated treated timber (glulam) that combines the unique characteristics of the originating material with the extraordinary technique of its curation.  

The beaks of glued laminated treated timber (glulam) are ideal for use in architectural constructions with higher technical and aesthetical standards as they present lower percentage of distortions and larger technical and aesthetical uniformity through the procedure of imperfection removal such as gnarls or cracked parts.

The glued laminated treated timber (glulam) by SHOWOOD is made of pressure treated Scandinavian pine timber, it stands out for its durability against the wear caused be the Greek weather conditions and is available in a great variety of dimensions.

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