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Whatever you say: "My home " or "Home Sweet Home", as our English friends say, it is undeniable that its warmth is by no means comparable.

Especially today, with stressful economic conditions drastically reducing our expenses, the home is also a place of social gathering. What more fun than hanging out with a good group of friends in the summer?

The lyrics of the song are not accidental:

"Every balcony has a different view

I swear by friends

'good days will come'

So either you're lucky enough to have a garden or one of the less fortunate ones, but a spacious balcony is a must visit SHOWOOD!

At our company, you will be amazed at the wide variety of wood furniture and smart solutions to make the most of every square of your outdoor space.

Wooden tables, chairs, benches, wooden benches, swings and garden hammocks are just a few options to customize your space as you dream, enjoying moments of relaxation and fun with your loved ones.

The excellent quality of our woods and materials guarantees that your every purchase will be worth the time, as with proper care your furniture will be in perfect condition for many, many summers!

Our experienced staff will guide you best so that depending on the buget you have to add to your summer paradise and individual garden lamps, shelves or even flower pots you may need.

Because at SHOWOOD everything is ... So easy!

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