Build a small paradise on your balcony

"In the spring, if you don't find it, you make it ...

Odysseus Elytis

If you imagine, a picture of paradise, it will surely be very green and a rare variety of flowers. When we are on vacation or a short escape to nature, we breathe in the lungs with the oxygen of nature, with such passion as if it were our last breaths.

But who said that we can't enjoy similar pictures or smells on our balcony or in our garden?

This season is perfect for making our own "Eden". The city is full of floristry fairs, and every week the local folk markets are a first-rate flowering opportunity!

At SHOWOOD, you will find a wide variety of wooden pots - jars made of impregnated timber, with high resistance to weather and outdoor conditions.

The people of our company, always smiling and with the right know-how, will find you exactly what your balcony or garden needs.

Note that their elegant wooden pots also have an inner membrane for direct planting! While there are various solutions so that the water left over from the soil of the plant does not stain the floor! It is certain that you will adore them and avoid the hassle of uneconomic plastic pots, which fade and break with the first gust of wind.

For those who want more prive situations, in their dreamy setting, even if this is downtown. SHOWOOD has high quality reed or other types of wooden construction so that your balcony paradise will not be invaded by the inquisitive look of its neighbors.

Make a double bet with your new pots: first keep the seasonal flowers healthy and secondly start planting seeds, even better with your children, so you can enjoy every step of growing your young plants.

Gardening, besides being a terribly relaxing activity when having children at home, is an ideal lesson for both environmental awareness and life itself.

How important is it to see your little rose drying out and with patience and care a few weeks later rejuvenated by its ashes, tossing new buds?

"This is the time you have spent on your rose, which makes your rose so important," says the young prince in the homonymous novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.